The Struggle Ft. F​.​O​.​E.

from by ManeLine

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We all struggle...


Get ‘em up! Get ‘em up! Get ‘em up!
Wake him up! Wake him up! Wake him up!
Wake Wake Him Up Up Up

A long night so I woke up late, dry heave, gotta choke up grace
In the toilet with a poker-face, soda chase, slow the pace, you know the fate
Mistakes that voters make, world weight make the shoulders break
Got enough at stake and on the plate, with a double-edged blade that don't cut straight
Try to lead but go astray, gotta see but won't save face
Gettin' up, gettin' out, gettin' high, I'll come by but won't say, "Hey"
Die hard 'til the soul vacate, run it back with the ol’ play fake
Givin' in, give it up, give it back, nick knacks with no grave-sake
Get cake, get pie, get victory, I (ice) scream inside, I'm sick of me
Slip down when the slope gets slippery, uphill battle with the utmost enemy
Broke rules at the school of trickery, while blind faith tried to paint a mental pic of me
I've seen light but I never really get any, mysteries of my history's misery

I got some issues
Caught in the struggle
I need to unwind
Got to think of something new because I feel Imma ‘bout to snap

I got some issues
Caught in the struggle
Violence on my mind
People call it the recession but the struggle won’t pass


Growin’ up as a young pup
Bitin’ on the ankles of my family in the streets chasing life
Needed things times twice havin’ dreams of gettin’ right
While blowin’ signals wit my piece pipe
Mind a lil' delusional famished
Eatin’ Raman noodles straight from the package
The heat don't work so we turn on the stove
Wit blankets call that getting’ close to the family
Mom aware the cupboards are bare
So she works two jobs just tryn support
Two snot nosed boys who think that they are grown
So they are constantly in and out of court
Tryn to find a job but you know
It’s hard when u have a record
Wit a baby mama in ur ear jibber jabberin’
Continuously adding to pressure
Somethings gotta give pretend friends
Say that they are there but then blow in the wind
Wit problems comin to u in twins
Takin’ shots to the chin in a late round 10
When will it end tryn to blend in
Wit a 9 to 5 tryn to be normal
Can't live like I'm supposed to the pay rate is horrible
Need to fill the tank but can't afford to



The good fight is never ending
Well baby sew its seams
Atlas’ disposition
Whole world get a hold of me
Rok in a hard place locally
Rather do the same thing out over seas
Getting older pushing boulders with my shoulders up a mountain
Can supposedly make it slow to leave
Inkline, Tense, FOE and Me
Struggles all about the same
Challenging status quo, the battles cold
Always against the grain
Got to clean any mess that’s made
While dealing with stress and pain
Ignorant imbeciles next to Mane
Hope to get what’s left to gain
So we push ahead to keep our families fed
With every chance we get before we’re damned and dead
While still managing’ to stay standin’ and
Know if we fall got to Get ‘em up! Get ‘em up!
Interrupted before I inner erupt
On the brink of breaking’ down and not giving a fuck
Aint from lack of effort ‘cause I’ve given enough
Always keep it moving even sitting’ here stuck


“Everyday Struggle”


from .​.​.​& Sew Its Seams, released September 23, 2008
Written By Mane Rok, InkLine & F.O.E.
Prod By InkLine



all rights reserved


ManeLine Denver, Colorado

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