.​.​.​& Sew Its Seams

by ManeLine

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released September 23, 2008



all rights reserved


ManeLine Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: ...& Sew Its Seams
And sew its seams
Hopes and dreams
“Awe Yeah!”

(Verse 1)
Mane Rok!!
(Mane Rok)
Jammed my foot in the door
Damned if I would of ignored
A plan to push in for more
In time do what I should of before
Tough change, up game
Take a look at the score
(Ink & Mane)
DeeJay Tense!!
“With both hands in confidence”
“Awe shit, it doesn’t make any sense”
(Mane & Ink)
Back around
The trap worn down
Our path more sound
You better believe


(Ink & Mane)
Everybody from the
Top Bottom
Front to back
And side to side
Track Name: Big Plans
I had big plans, to do big things
Before I even knew what being a kid means
Hoop dreams, trying' to make it to the big leagues
But then I traded in my J's for a six-string

It took phase after phase just to fix me
Pick up the pace, switch gears on the ten-speed
Tough luck, growing pain in my gut
'cause as we grew up, it grew rough but...

What's what? With no bargain, no offer
Just stuck feeling awkward and bothered
With few friends, no fam, no father
It’s hard to get farther when far gets harder

I just know I want to go over all the
Pain that I've caused before I swallow a revolver
And fix this, God as my witness, risk it
And put my sickness on a hit-list and end this

“We got big plans, to do big things, don’t stop get it and will not let it…”

On the back of the bus they were laughing’ at us
Me and my walkman, walkman, walkman
Lacking their trust in the raps from my guts
Now they’re all gawking, watching, stopping
Hold true to words I said at 15
Told Mike and Stephan, “I got big dreams,
Big plans to do big things” Instincts
Not insync now with how these kids think
Why would it be? It’s all foolery
Still today though, it’s like High School to me
Chasing’ hope, angelic-a beauty
Run with crew, entangled in shoe strings
Kicks fresh-rhymes to much for most
Instead, finds childish grown folks
Still don’t understand, nothing’s changed
On the other hand, I’ve done the same

Track Name: Good & Bad Ft. O.N.E. (aka Duncan)
Yeah it's true, the blues, they come a dime a dozen
Some win, some lose and some try to bluff it
Chase everything and end up finding nothing
Holding on to what it wasn’t

(All the...) good, the bad, the beautiful and ugly
Joy and pain mixed with a little suffering
I just take what I got and that's enough for me
Add it up, ain't nothing free

(All the...) nightmares in life, it never hurt to dream
Cut deep as the surface bleed
Where the devils got halos and angels rock dirty wings
At the picnics and murder scenes

(All the...) held-up, locked-down and the get-aways
The go-ahead, not now, and the pick-a-days
All of the above indicate a ricochet
Bouncing back-n-forth, in and out the same picture frame

All the good
(Ink & Mane)
Did all we could
(Ink & Mane)
With all we had
(Ink & Mane)
The good & bad

Sometimes you got to take the good with the bad
It might turn into something that you wish you always had
So Go (GO) Show (Show) Move (Move) Mold (Mold)
Then you might finally find something you can take hold

(Mane Rok)
Not what you thought change constantly misread
Cost of living broke-Fix income, get bread
Fat Checks-Slim Chance! That’s what twits said
Smart Moves to invest
(All the…)
Bad, good, sunshine, snow storms
Everything weathered, let loose to hold on
Living sinless, throwing stones so wrong
Righteously I don’t want
(All the…)
Day dreams chased, nightmares ran from
Organized confusion, planned at random
Before it starts it’s over, ask what happened
The facts some can’t fathom
(All the…)
Higher learning from low end theories
Life’s gray days show, so damn clearly
Not just black and white, also appearing
Everything between hold it dearly



“Bad meaning good…”
Track Name: I Can See Ft. Kano
I can see(6x)
I can…

(Mane Rok)
Now that I opened them ugliness, Heart broken as punishment
Proved all that I hoped for, was nothing but folklore
Their stories of glory must have kept all their throats soar
Cursed the eve Adam fucked, opening closed doors
Truth behind the curtain the person’s a serpent serving’
A certain insurgent vermin determined to lead the sheep
Covers eyes with blanket statements, controlling what they need to see
Seems to me perceptions deceptions achieved so easily
Once lost like them, the cost-quite grim
Because we might give, frightening’, you already know!
Seeing is believing kicked out of Eden for eaten’
The reason we demonize truth? To pardon their souls
Open your eyes little puppets, don’t deny that your upset
By the lies of the public, so sick that it hurts
Searching’ for an antidote, choose the blue or the red pill
Either way fucked in the head still, a gift and a curse


And so I opened up my soul windows and checked my blind-spot
Last time tryin’ was confined to a pine-box
Full of coulda-woulda-shoulda's, what for's? and why not's?
Rockin' a blindfold, havin' a time tryin' to tie knots

What I got's right now is a new perspective
Outta sight from the light cast by the view I wrecked
And I don't even need to see proof to watch it bleed through
Nor do I need to hear lies so I can see truth

And he who speaks to deaf ears that still hear
Re-defines the rhyme and the reason of why I'm still here
It’s real here, can't explain how I feel here
Blinded by the light but dream at night and still see her

We feel near but still steer from a clear view
Screaming at the shadows on the wall but they don't hear you
Once blind, now you see, but what you see you fear too
hmmm... check your rear-view... whatcha see?


Well I once was blind but now I washed
My eyes with cries a thousand times
Dine with the devil let him hide inside my mind
Sigh when I settle with no sign of life in my heart
Who are these ghost soon I'll know
Holding a microscope zoom in close
Dead didn't float away like they suppose
They rose from a gross grave and grab my toes
Now I walk thru dark with out a flash light
And I might get brighter in my past life
Pupils get loose and then they get tight
Live die it loops I love it lets try it
Sights of parasites there to bite
Alright all lairs are prepared to fight
Tonight we head off into the cold
It’ll be ok if I just go
Track Name: Aint Real Aint Right Ft. 9th St Choir & LIFEHouse Kids Choir
(Mane Rok)
The issue can’t wait. This here campaign
To get your hands raised, if you can’t take
Garbage we’re fed artificial man made
With additives, preservatives, it’s so damn fake
Fifteen bucks for a fifty cent reality
This is what forms filthiness, fallacies
Fabricated, laboratory experiments
Arrogance mask cracks in their narratives
Studio gangstas repping false hoods
Who do you thank when shit ain’t all good?
No accountability, it’s entertainment,
As long as pockets profit on deposits in play list
From Atlantic to the capital assembly lines
Spitting’ out spitters that dribble a generic design
Impaired in the mind, don’t care that it’s dying’ NO!
It ain’t real, pretend that I’m lying’

(Chorus-Children and Choir)
If it ain’t real, it ain’t right ain’t right X4
“Ain’t real ain’t right”
“Why try to keep it real, it’s real”
“You try keeping it real, yet you should try keeping’ it right”

(If it ain't real...) I don't know what it is at all
For sure don't know what it means
(Then it ain't right...) I can't see what it used to be
It’s different so it seems (& that's just life...)
You say your prayers in a falsehood reality
And bow to kings that don't mean majesty
And dream it'll be all good, actually
Those same kings got a trophy per casualty
But we don't think of gravity, just hold it down
Nothing but the real, enough to go around
Carry the world's weight on our own shoulders now
We wrote the book baby, could show you how
But you were raised in the name of fraudulence
Under pride and shame and awkwardness
It’s all a game where the fame and fortune is
Soul sucked dry, so unfortunate

Track Name: Comfortable Position Ft. Geologic (Blue Scholars)
“A comfortable positions what I’m after
All the while I’m preparing’ myself to meet the master”

(Mane Rok)
Got troubles with subtle struggles like every individual
Student of LIFE trying’ to understand its principles
Doing’ it right? Well that seems to be a give and go
Cynical from living’ in a limbo indigo
Feeling’ blue, trying’ to keep this reddish hot (hot)
Better not (not), get lost under heavens watch
Hunt for green (green), cop a better spot (spot)
Just for seeds (seeds) can’t pretend we’re not (not)
Using’ ends to justify means of survival
Main goals to make dough, sure I know
At first it sounds shallow on the surface (but)
Deep pockets wanted for a purpose
To provide a life mejor than my parents did
Got to get right while being’ prepared to give
My heir, my kid my all, before my time expires
And I find out first hand if there’s a divine sire

Got, action to capture
“A comfortable positions what I’m after”
What I’m after-after
“There will be a new chapter”

Got action to capture
“All the while I’m preparing myself to meet the master”
And you know, we just trying’ to live comfortable
We just trying to have something to show!

And I know it can't always all be wonderful
I just want to breathe easy and be comfortable
But I can't help it; at times I got to wonder though
If I'm ever going to pull myself up out this undertow
(I don't know)
Come up fast (up fast), go under slow (slow)
With no control of this life that I've come to know (know)
It won't last (won't last), just come and go (go)
Feet on the ground, weighed down by a ton of hope
It's overbearin’, no comparin’ the feelin’
By knowin’ where, I dare to go there and be willin’
I'm so aware and I don't care if you feel it
Hate me now, I'll break it down, I'm prepared to rebuild it
May not be living' in a cozy position
But so you know me just listen, living’s my only mission
Master the art of life's beautiful disaster
If it don't happen over night, just do it faster


Yo-I went to college to fulfill my familial task
To be the first in my lineage to get that bachelors degree
Immersed in the past study history diligently
Cursed my professors for never believing in me
I left, five credits left in my audit
Told moms and pops I would go back-I, I promise
But the stage kept calling’, pages that I authored offered solace
Compared to the scholars at Harvard I was a failure
Came next quarter didn’t bother to register
Instead hit the studio to channel the pressure to
Fuck my academic career and a sacrifice
Had my wife shedding’ them tears
She said “Fuck the world all them doubters are wrong,
And even if you prove them right, Imma catch you if you fall.
So you better go hard if you are what you say that you are-
Word to blue, you already a star!

Track Name: The Struggle Ft. F.O.E.
Get ‘em up! Get ‘em up! Get ‘em up!
Wake him up! Wake him up! Wake him up!
Wake Wake Him Up Up Up

A long night so I woke up late, dry heave, gotta choke up grace
In the toilet with a poker-face, soda chase, slow the pace, you know the fate
Mistakes that voters make, world weight make the shoulders break
Got enough at stake and on the plate, with a double-edged blade that don't cut straight
Try to lead but go astray, gotta see but won't save face
Gettin' up, gettin' out, gettin' high, I'll come by but won't say, "Hey"
Die hard 'til the soul vacate, run it back with the ol’ play fake
Givin' in, give it up, give it back, nick knacks with no grave-sake
Get cake, get pie, get victory, I (ice) scream inside, I'm sick of me
Slip down when the slope gets slippery, uphill battle with the utmost enemy
Broke rules at the school of trickery, while blind faith tried to paint a mental pic of me
I've seen light but I never really get any, mysteries of my history's misery

I got some issues
Caught in the struggle
I need to unwind
Got to think of something new because I feel Imma ‘bout to snap

I got some issues
Caught in the struggle
Violence on my mind
People call it the recession but the struggle won’t pass


Growin’ up as a young pup
Bitin’ on the ankles of my family in the streets chasing life
Needed things times twice havin’ dreams of gettin’ right
While blowin’ signals wit my piece pipe
Mind a lil' delusional famished
Eatin’ Raman noodles straight from the package
The heat don't work so we turn on the stove
Wit blankets call that getting’ close to the family
Mom aware the cupboards are bare
So she works two jobs just tryn support
Two snot nosed boys who think that they are grown
So they are constantly in and out of court
Tryn to find a job but you know
It’s hard when u have a record
Wit a baby mama in ur ear jibber jabberin’
Continuously adding to pressure
Somethings gotta give pretend friends
Say that they are there but then blow in the wind
Wit problems comin to u in twins
Takin’ shots to the chin in a late round 10
When will it end tryn to blend in
Wit a 9 to 5 tryn to be normal
Can't live like I'm supposed to the pay rate is horrible
Need to fill the tank but can't afford to



The good fight is never ending
Well baby sew its seams
Atlas’ disposition
Whole world get a hold of me
Rok in a hard place locally
Rather do the same thing out over seas
Getting older pushing boulders with my shoulders up a mountain
Can supposedly make it slow to leave
Inkline, Tense, FOE and Me
Struggles all about the same
Challenging status quo, the battles cold
Always against the grain
Got to clean any mess that’s made
While dealing with stress and pain
Ignorant imbeciles next to Mane
Hope to get what’s left to gain
So we push ahead to keep our families fed
With every chance we get before we’re damned and dead
While still managing’ to stay standin’ and
Know if we fall got to Get ‘em up! Get ‘em up!
Interrupted before I inner erupt
On the brink of breaking’ down and not giving a fuck
Aint from lack of effort ‘cause I’ve given enough
Always keep it moving even sitting’ here stuck


“Everyday Struggle”
Track Name: Heads Up ft. A.V.I.U.S. (Prime Element)
Hand in hand with hope and faith, blind leading blind
Had to take time to get my sight realigned
Seen the sign, reassured, that I’m seeing’ fine
From the bottom up how we find peace of mind
Got my back straight, head up, eyes opened wide
Do or die, trying to keep my hope alive
Getting older as I watch time blowing by
Got to make now happen before the moment dies
Watch the plot thicken gazing as the days go by
Staring past the city lights into the star lit sky
5 years in the making the hard road was so necessary
Today’s the day everything becomes legendary
“Very Necessary”
“So Necessary”

(Mane) Heads Up
(A.V.I.U.S.) To the top
(InkLine) Eyes on the sky
(Tense) “I Gotta Testify” (4x)

And on the bottom there’s a motto-“Easy come easy go”
Got to get up on the top because I’ve seen below
While the devils in control want to see me choke
Try to chill sweat it out until the fever broke
As a joke trying’ to make a living’ off my passion
Keep climbing’ though it seems to me the world is crashing’
Heavy hearted, mind focused trying to live the dream
Coming from the dark but trying to find the lighter side of things
Fight right to brink of destruction pushing’ limits
Only option when boxed in put in prisons
I’ve been locked up this whole time wouldn’t give in
Told escape was impossible I couldn’t listen

“I built a tower to the sun…”


Been through hell and back, wondering if it was worth it
To the top, never stop grinding with a purpose
& so it seems, engraved finally set in stone
Few have come, most have gone every time the wind blows
Fair weather dark skies regardless keep heads raised
Pointed towards the heavens in these hellish end days
Well in this case, go for a bigger goal
Can’t settle for a little and let it affect my fitted dome
Bottom line Imma shine till it’s lights out
Choose battles wisely because they fight foul
Manifest my dreams through what I write down
Fuck where I’ve been, it’s where I’m at right now
“Right Now”

“I built a tower…to the sun…”
Track Name: Before I Die Ft. 9th St Choir
(Bridge A)
They aint even ready to die
Don’t get them Lord
They aint even ready to die
Don’t get them
And they running’ out of road to ride on
Rollin’ with brights on
Put another 5 on a test drive (no no no no)

If I would’ve known the truth before the car crashed
Before the towers came tumbling down hard fast
I’d a been the one to say words to make them all gasp
Haul ass like they had a hall pass with
All access to slit wrist the gist is
Crawl passed the cryptic ballistics
Call back the listed logistics
Mall rats insist it’s what isn’t
How can it be? (Can it be?)
Those planted seeds (planted seeds)
Grow canopies (canopies)
Though actually (actually)
Those apple trees (apple trees)
Whole anatomies (anatomies)
So tragically (tragically)
Show Atropy Falling’ apart
Appalling’ their hearts, don’t beat, won’t budge calling’ their cards
Afraid to admit we’re approaching’ the eminent end
A world withering’ away and the pretend it aint them

Take my life and pull my card
Take that drive and Oh my god
The road I’m on is more alive
Just know I’m gone, before I die

(Bridge B)
Be Fore I Die
“Before I Die”

(Bridge A)

I wish you would've shed some light before I blacked out
Could’ve picked a better night, a better background
It’s almost over and there ain't no turning back now
As I leave my body, store my soul in a stash house
Cashed out, manana, no se, (uh-uh)
Too busy worried about manana today (say it)
Lost the game, going' down all the way blazing'
Lots of flame, burn it down, now you can't save it
How can it be? My plan to leave, my family
Chase fantasy, waste sanity
Panicking, on God's guest list
Trying to make the devil dance with me
I just wanted to try to live before I die
Rollercoast life, slip-slope waterslide
It’s not like the harder it gets, the more I try
Crazy lazy, borderline mortified


(Bridge B)

Track Name: Soul On The Line
Slowly that sin reaches me
In a hatch back match-box taxi on D's
A bad seed in the back seat
With the heater on blast, shotgun with the vaccine
Cash cow in a glass dream (that's me)
Sleeping' on eggshells, smoking, pumping' gasoline
Hot garbage and trash fiends
Scraping at the bottom of the gutter where the rats feed
Sadly mistaken for a vacation
Picked up a wrong turn way back at the weigh station
No time to waste, can't keep heaven's gates waiting'
Guest list plus two for my safe haven
A day late and a couple bucks short
Not enough to pay toll for that stroll up north
Grease the handshake, man make sacrifice
Now security knows my face in the afterlife

Sorry Sir, apologies were hardly heard
For sins committed while on the earth
The martyrs curse, wasn’t your cross to bear
But it was expected you’d accepted all cost to swear
All in vain a prideful sideshow, American Idol
Worshiping’ and envious of those that carry the title
‘Bout to jump out the frying’ pan to hells fire
Dios Mio disappointed you won’t dwell higher
Let’s see, this entry says you thought love was lust
Next guess lived in excess “YUP!” Gluttonous
What a rush, living’ wrong feels so right
Till you realize His wrath requires your own life
Borrowed time, I call them stolen moments
Sorrows mine; I knew you’d always owe this
So fall in line, with your greedy lazy focus
Even in the end St. Jude assumed you’re hopeless

Stairwell to heaven
Nuh uh Denied
Farewell my brethren
Good good goodbye
Said we’d be let in
But But they lied
“Leave it all behind and put your soul on the line” (2x)
Track Name: All Alone Ft. Venus Cruz
Left right in the middle, on our own
Damn rocks leave us land locked we call it home
An isolated generation all alone
Only the strong will survive to see the Congo’s throne
LIFE’s been Rough Tough & Dangerous
Out Tha Box Above Everybody made to bust
Abandon Marketing Criteria Voodoo Economics
Hope for Deux Process P.A.A.S. being honest
In a scene so desolate and destitute
Where The Individuals next to you
Have a Five Points Plan they can execute
Motevation ‘cause there’s so much Stress my dude
To be king of the mountain you make each other F.O.E.’s
Kut Up Voiceboxes keep Cadava Recordz as Pro’s
Lordz Of Finesse Get With This, you know how it Goes
For Future Ref. A.V.I.U.S. how we get Crunk Bros.!

All Alone Here
It’s lonely on the top
All Alone Here
But it’s only all we got
All Alone Here
In a square state but don’t belong in a box-locked

Let's get it poppin', I’m a take 3 the Hardway
Rokwel, rock straight 'til your jaws break
Slow roast, comatoast just for yall's sake
From Cosmo to Cosmo, it's what you call Fate
It’s basic, the bass fits the rhythm
From the basement, check the Basementalism
From the BoomBox Saints to American Trash
To the Mighty Mane Rok with his arrogant ass
Offly Nice since Sixth Grade
It’s just L.I.F.E. Spoke in Wordz, tryin’ to get paid
And you may find yourself askin’, Why me?
It’s Slim Pickens, instead ask Whygee
Nuff Sed, RTD on the bus pass
In a Sunkenstate comin’ up fast
Bombed scenery, just check the land Skape
Thinkin’ Out Tha Box, living' in a square state



Waitin’ on the city-Naw we waitin’ for you (x3)
C’mon Denver what you want us to do?
Waitin’ on the city-Naw we waitin’ for you (x3)
So C’mon Colorado what you want us to do
Waitin’ on the city-Naw we waitin’ for you (x3)
So C’mon DeeJay Tense what you want us to do
Track Name: Bad Days
We all want to live, right?
But we don’t live right…
We all want to live…right?

We have it the habit (2x)

We all want to live right?

But we don’t live right

Living out of habit addicted to bad days (3x)
It’s so passé
Sick in a bad way
(ALL 4x)
Track Name: Poor Ugly People
Suck it in, suck it out fix your makeup
Implants, nip tuck cut your face up
Under a knife get younger when you wake up
Rock a nose job while God takes a pay cut

Smut-mags and fashion ads tell you what's beautiful
I'm scratching' on my nut sack and chewing on my cuticles
Same shit as usual, it's most suitable
Some die to upgrade to look great at their funeral
And in vain is the name of the game
It’s lazy, overweight with varicose veins
And The Most High receives most blame
'cause God made you ugly and gave you no shame
So snip, slit, what a slick incision
Botox dreams on a collagen mission
Trapped in your body like your skin is a prison
Playing' operation, chasing' what your missing'
Weight-watch, wishing’ for top model success
Everything shitty but pretty shit sucks less
A tough test 'cause America is obsessed
And you can never show enough breast

Poor (poor) Ugly People (people) (x2)
Where the doctor plays God to create you equal
Poor (poor) Ugly People (people) (x2)
A big buck business where botox needs you!
“Cut it up-Like a butcher”
“Co-rip shit up!”


Stuck in a Barbie world full of plastic people
Silicone valley girls this hellish world needs you
To be model citizens Look Like One
Take a bottled bit of sin Look Like One
Starving to death, quick quest to get slim fast
Entranced with air brushed airheads in ad’s
Magazine racks busting out their seams
Altered egos, what this outfit needs
Under societies influence, go under the knife
Holly would is she could to lead a wonderful life
Presumptuous right? In a circus where sex sells
Ass fat used for fat ass DSL’s
Exhale, need to excel? Get a new nose
To make your stock rise, got to sink to new lows
All in vain addicted, cutting’ it too close
Playing’ Doctor God, fucking with whose souls???
Track Name: Why Angels Cry
Cry for the sake of the saints
Why Angels Cry (x3)
Cry (Cry) Cry (Why?)

Humans being self destructive
Ruined reason, clouded judgment
Confused with freedom, amounts to nothing’
Assume we see ‘em out in public
Say they want change they don’t
Day to day stay afloat
In cess pools full of fools
Amazed with ways that they cope
Embrace a brazen approach
Abrasive braking’ down hope
A blatant game to these folks
They play and pray as a joke
Punch lines to the face taste so sweet
Whether liquid or solid you call it-Don’t speak
Tears shed from heaven for brethren avoid reflections and lessons
Surprised eyes and face don’t meet
Wasted the day, yup! Wasting’ away, huh?
Wasted talent those were the days deja
Vu it’s true, you could've been something major
Instead heads lost in clouds searching’ for a savior


Come good and leave in evil, thru a sea of bleeding' people
Seeing' demons screaming' atop of heathens steeple
Walk across the flames, to pay the cost of shame
Will not change 'til we separate the loss from gain
And all the same, it's either making' me or breaking' me
Believing' in myself when no one else has no faith in me
Fate chasing' me through dark valleys of vacancy
This too shall pass, fall fast for complacency
Everybody want a lil' bit of peace but
Get found underground with their feet up
Want change, but don't change, click, bang
Getcha' blowed brain, pick another piece up
Bloodstain my Mona Lisa, motionless, paralyzed
And when the pain don't ease up, we just prepare to die
New things to trip on, got a new bed and new dreams
Still can't even get along, got to start threads and pull strings
Hit gone when it went wrong, with hear-say and who-sings?
Blame it on my attitude, it's just the way my mood swings


“Gotta make the song cry”
“SO many tears”
Track Name: Tick Tock
A to the tick talk ya don’t stop (stop)
To the, tick talk ya don’t quit (quit)
To the, tick talk ya don’t stop (stop)
(Cuts) “It might blow up but it won’t go pop!” (x2)

I Tim McVey the place and set it ablaze
With a taste a napalm and 27 grenades
The bomb threat of America, setting the stage for terror
And forever wrecked, infected with rage
Try to make it ok but it's not
Obsessed with this tick tock and making' it pop
Control demolition baby, drop straight from the top
(It might blow up...) and 86 your whole block
When the time bomb's on, read clocks well
Maneline c-4, sipping' Molotov cocktails
Left shook, stood took
Drop sixteen and a hook in the anarchist's cookbook
Look, it's full blast, say it's up too loud
Landscape shaped like a mushroom cloud
Detonate, fate's got a sunroof now
And these two towers come tumbling' down

…Tick, tick, tick, tick Boom!

Mayday Mayday Tense’s hands to the decks
That makes us tick and talk about demanding respect
On the Hiroshima highlights at the top of the countdown
Unleash beef with a virus and slaughter this cow town
‘Bout now, the moments upon us opponents crowd ‘round
Drowned out, by the atomic explosion sounds route
Doused in gas, Ichiban told you we’re so hot
“It might blow up…” Bust open the whole top
Igniter, Spark the lighter, Spit Fire-all the same to me
Lately we make ‘em breathe radioactive waste can’t wait to see
Reactions when we slip thru short tempered with a lit fuse
Code red emergency, nine hundred eleven issues
With crew, why? ‘Cause we that eminent threat
Punching’ in the launch code leaves them defenseless at best
The pen slips and it lets out an incredible force
Conquering’ the whole world, already set in the course!
Track Name: We Won't Be Saved Ft. Yonnas Abraham & Melissa Wimbish
(Bridge A)
Our hope our dreams our loves our fears
Are washed away
Our homes our things all of our years
Are gone today
Our souls our screams our blood our tears
All told it seems this much is clear

(Mane Rok)
With a pen clenched fist hope the hand can write
Fingers twitch and curl, where you stand tonight
And with it raised, you demand a fight
In this hell on earth which answers right?
A modern day Babylon sacrifice
Send the lambs to war, ‘cause they have to die
The command of the tyrant can’t ask him why
Take a look around-Do the masses lie?
Mom’s shed tears kids in the after life
American pie, we get the nasty slice
Commander and chief reprimands their cries
Looking’ for a savior to unmask the light

(Bridge A)

First Came Fire and then came the flood
As the world stay mired in wars waged in blood
My fist raised higher no one’s savin’ us
My fist clenched tighter no one’s savin’ us

As the sky blazes, awake the hell raisers
Split-personalities, similar behaviors
Oh Savior, (Oh Savior!) God save us
She said She ain't doing' anymore favors
Holy gas mask batman, vapors
Breathe in, breathe out, it's outrageous
After it's over read about it in the papers
Front page, front line, forsake us
Evacuated and the city's been quarantined
Human beings aren't built for this sort of thing
Always thought of the end as more of a dream
Fairytale, textbook story with a glory theme

(Bridge A)


(Bridge B-Melissa Wimbish)
Washed away
Gone today
All the same
We won’t be saved

(Bridge A)